Friday, July 9, 2010

Assembly/Disassembly with Particle Flow in 3Ds Max

Being creative with the dynamic systems in our 3D applications can produce stunning, exciting and elegant results. In this tutorial, Sachin Joshi walks us through one such example using Particle Flow in 3Ds Max, showing us how to assemble and disassemble objects within your scene.



  1. the script is not working. i am using max 2010.please tell me what's wrong with me...

  2. pflow in not using 3d model as particle...plz give me solution...

  3. Hi,
    Just a doubt, did you reset the xform for the model?, it is the very important step.

  4. yup. i have done this step.
    i have some boxes in my scene. i converted them in to polygon mode then reset xform and then again convert them in to polygon mode. then i took a empty flow and birth script, edit the script change name then save it. it saved properly but pflow doesn't took boxes as particle. it generates its own particle..

  5. HI Manish
    going thourgh your scene file you probably have done some mistake. like all your models are not center to pivot, so align the pivot to the center of the object and reset xform and convert to poly.

    Still you will find your scene wont be working, because you have create the messy script.
    Under the birth script in your scene, if you scroll down, you forgot to delete extra default script that comes with birth script, you need to delete that too. now once again delete everything in the script and paste your birth script.

    Now , this will work for sure.
    All the best.

  6. yeah it works....and now i get the effect. Thanks you very very much for helping me.

  7. Can I change anything in pflow so it can use my existing geometry with UVs?